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1. Clear value for your money

2. Low management cost of your outsourced services

3. Responsive governance of your project

4. Highest quality standards in the industry

5. Sure of realizing your desired benefits

Who We Are!

  • We are a reliable partner in economic and industrial development engineering services and solutions. For this reason we bridge the gap between innovations and commercial reality.

LeadTrade Pool is comprised of two divisions: The RESEARCH & INNOVATIONS AGENCY (RIA) and the ENERGY & SAFETY TECHNOLOGY (E&ST). In addition to the core functions of the E&ST as embedded in its name it plays a middleman role between manufacturers and ultimate end users.

LeadTrade Pool Inc. is a corporation organized under the laws of the state of Florida. The LeadTrade Pool Inc. evolved from the GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITIES IMPORT-EXPORT MARKETING ASSOCIATION (GOIEMA) which was founded in 200.

We are also specialized in the promotion of a number of industries; including clothing and accessories product safety designs and aesthetics in the automotive industry etc consumer electronics and digital products machinery for various industries pharmaceutical products and health supplements telecommunications related equipment and services etc.

We do world-class logo and print design services: Custom Logo Design
  • Other activities! We provide the following:


LeadTrade Pool is now offering Colocation Rack space Dedicated Servers Cloud Servers E-Mail Hosting Website Hosting Reseller Hosting cPanel Hosting Domain Name Service Licensed VOIPSWITCH Hosting Licensed iTelSwitch Hosting iTel Dialers PRONTO Dialers etc. in partnership with Datasoft Network at the prestigious www.digitalshuttle.com

Why We Are Different!

  • We combine global capabilities with deep local knowledge to provide innovative products and services to meet the needs of our customers and clients.

We focus on developing industry-neutral enterprise models that allows organizations to see their activities from a cross-industry perspective benchmarking against organizations around the world and adopt best practices.

LeadTrade Pool News/Announcements

Our Investment Interests

Our project priorities are evolving so we are welcoming partners for financing in the following projects: 1. Infrastructural development (purchase of land and building construction); 2. Energy; 3. Investment in telecommunications (especially mobile telecommunications); 4. Technological research activities; and 5. New safety and aesthetics airplane and vehicle design (weve been involved in research in this area since 2005--so what we would need is to create facilities for simulation and see how it could fit into existing engineering designs for easy integration into the present and future manufacturing processes). on 14 May 2015
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